Der Einstieg in den Ausstieg (PART 1)


The road to greener pastures (PART 1)

Many people want to flip the page, to enter a new chapter in their lives. I want to tell you how I managed to do it and maybe I am able to inspire one or the other with my story. I am open for any of your questions! Don´t give up, it´s worth it!

The very first, most important step was “reducing“. With that I mean not only any of my expenses, I also had to reduce any kind of ballast that sourrounded me at that time. I startet with the classic: My basement. It was filled with so much “crap“ - Things I had no idea I had anymore, as I haven´t been down there for about 3 years. I did it the easy way and took everything out on the street as hardrubbish (knowing that that all the goodies would be picked up, before the garbage collectors would be doing their jobs - that´s exactly what happened). When you´re clearing away the dung you´ll probably find a lot of things thinking “oh wow, I can´t throw that away - But if you haven´t used something for over 3 years - you really don´t need it anymore, so just get rid of it. It truly hasen´t been as easy as it might sounds like, but it been such a release and such an important part of this journey.

My place was still so packed with stuff! While I was on it, I started getting rid of other things like clothes, I mean, what do you actually need? This process took me about one year and then I moved into a way smaller apartment. My aim was to have just as much stuff, as I was able to keep in my room (not a packed messy room, a tidied up home, filled only with things I truly need.) Take your time for this reducing part of the process - it´s an emotional thing that should take its time, rather then a simple time eating job that needs to be done.

Finally I did it - one room and everything I owned within this room. The beautiful thing was, that I asked myself what I actually had owned before, I didn´t miss anything, I had it all. Feeling that ease was absolutaly freaking awesome!

Next Step: I went on a surftrip and packed a bag with summerclothes, surfboard, my guitar, my skateboard, camera, Go Pro and my mobile.. I spent about 2 months this way - surfing and working away.

When I arrived back home, I thought, if I was able to spent 2 months only with the things I had while I was on the trip why would I need more (except of some warm clothes that would get me through the winter) I need to keep on reducing my stuff. This went on until I could pack all my things in only one bag (under 30kg). Maybe that is a little extrem and you don´t have to do it this way, but it is possible - it really is! It´s an absolutaly amazing feeling when you can pack up all your belongings and head off, without leaving anything behind. Moving houses, becomes just as easy, as visiting aunty Mary.

Project Reducing has been successful. At this time I was still working a 40 hour week. It is going to happen - the big project is about to start, but how?

To be continued....

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