I'm a couch potato, can I use the Costaobard?
eah Doggy, it´s super easy learning to ride the Costaboard. After a few days you will already start doing your first tricks.

How long is the delivery time?
As every COSTABOARD is build by our own hands we need a little bit time to build your custom COSTABOARD. You can see on the HOMEPAGE the next Shipment.

What muscles can I work with the Costaboard?
A lot man, a lot. It depends on the workout. The main muscles you train with the Costaboard are the core muscles, the legs, calves and your butt.

Why should I workout with the Costaboard?
First of all because it’s a lot of fun. When you attempt a stand-trick on the costaboard improve your balance and coordination skills which is useful for sports like surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and a lot others.

Is the Pipe included in the Costaboard package?
Yes man, the pipe comes with the costaboard. Otherwise the Costaboard is unusable and makes no sense. You should use the Costaboard – with the pipe – on a yoga mat or a thin carpet.

What kind of tricks can I do on the costaboard?
Puuuh, there are a lot – that's why we put a few videos on our website and Facebook. Check it out in The Videos Section or on our Facebook page

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