In the previous articles I´ve already described that I had the idea to built a balance board that is exactly the way I imagined it. These were the following aspects that the COSTABOARD needed to have: It needs action, it has to make fun and it has to stimulate the bodies movement and musclegroups I would need for surfing.

To decide to do something different with ones life is a very bid decission. Many people start planning every tiniest step that needs to be made. How should the product look like, how am I going to do marketing? I did it the same way at the beginning, until I realized that this planning part will never end and it is not alive. Planning isn´t something bad, but planning with no end, doesn´t get you any results.

In retrospect I learned that you have to do things in order to learn from them. Today I am trying to spent as much time as possible with my clients, cause every person as different ideas and imaginations etc..

This article should motivate you to start with anything you got. The secret isn´t to plan all the details, but simply to get started.

Tipp 1: Don´t answer all the questions all at once, just start with one thing the rest will put itself into place. Back to the developement (which I´m always still in). Like I said, you should have a vaig idea what you want to do. I knew I want to built a balanceboard and it has to be made out of wood.

The first questions started: “What kind of wood?“ “How thick does it have to be?“ “Where will I get the things I need from?“ “How do I have to sand it?“ “How could I prep the surface so that it is not slippery anymore?“ “How is the design going to be like?“ “What´s the role going to look like?“ “Which material is it going to be? - smooth or rough?“ So many questions!

For some people those questions might be a joke - But I had absolutely no clue about anything that had to do with working with wood. I wasn´t a craftsman at all at that time. I had nothing against craftsmanship but anyone who had seen my kitchen, that I had built with my bare hands, would know what I mean, with me not being a craftsman. ;)

That´s an inside joke but you know, I thought I built a kitchen. Can´t be that hard. Result: The doors were so heavy and massive no holder would be strong enough. The kitchenunit was way to high, so that it would look more like a bar than anything else (which was quite cool on weekends). And the shelf was so heavy that 3 people had to lift it up, while one was able to fix it onto the wall. A complete catastrophe, but always worth a good giggle. :) What I want to say with my story is, that any start isn´t easy and won´t be plannable. You have to start with anything that popps to your mind and the more you do the more questions will come and you will encouter them. Everything you do you need to with passion and fun. It is going to be difficult and if you do it without passion, you will give up before you know it.

You start to measure your time in money, you´re often under pressure and you won´t have just as much time with your friends, then you had before. You can only survive that with passion.


This as my first "Workshop". My Kitchen.


I bought the first Boards in my Kitchen.

Alltogether: I decided to design and built a product and I had no idea how to do that.

The only thing I knew was that I had an idea how it should feel like, What someone should be able to do on it and what would be important for snowboarding and surfing. Because I am doing Freestylesport for years now, I had a very clear imagniation on how it should feel like. But back to the point: I had no idea how to start. I started from the very beginning and started watching youtube videos - Videos about wood. How to built Skateboards etc.. What I did the least was asking friends for help - but my advise - do exactly that, ask your friends for support.

Tipp 2: Ask your friends, familiy and any people you know for support. It is so wonderful feel when somebody wants to help you and it can take you further so quick. I am the kind of person that isn´t very good in asking for help, I don´t know why.. That was my very first lecture: GET HELP. It is okay. I still find it difficult, but I am getting better every day. To bring it to the pont, I finally had all my information and tools I needed to built the first protype. I created the first shape and a logo - not knowing how a logo should look like. anyways. I was happy so far.

Where should I built it in the future? I had no workshop so I started covering my whole kitchen transparent and started building the first 20 boards in my kitchen. The kitchen was a mess. Cleaning it took me probably twice as long then building the first boards.

One thing I will always remember, the feeling of freedom and happyness when I held the first hand- but mainly self-made boards in my hands. Did I actually do this? me - the anti-craftsman? I know that sounds silly, but it was such an amazing feeling for me.

Here they are, the first COSTABOARDS, made by myself and they worked - Just not as good as I was imagening them to be. I changed the shape, over and over again… Yepp, it really isn´t easy.

I had to try everything, so that it would turn out the way I had dreamt of. It took me approx. 2 years, cause I had to work at the same time, but then I finally had the shape I wanted! AWESOME!

It was an accident. Cutting of edges that I actually didn´t wanted to cut in the first place. I had a product, was building a shitty website and uploaded the whole thing. NOTHING happened. ;) I set up a Facebook page - and the very first 150 people that liked it, where all my dear friends.. well, again nothing happened. I learned that having a product and doing the marketing for the exact same product are two different things. I started doing marketing. Marketing was actually the exact same process then building the board - I had no idea how to do it.

I asked some of my friends and realized that they would be able to give me advise but that wasn´t enough. I started reading books about marketing and sales and the thing that really bothered me was that I really didn´t wanted to “sell“ something, I wanted people to have fun with my board - just as much as I have and yeh.. sell it. I decided to take the board with me when I went on surf- and snowboardtrips. There were quite a lot of people enjoying the “ride“ on my board - they actually have been so enthusiastic that they wouldn´t get off again - so I gave it to them.. as a present.

All the boards I made at the beginning where given away for free. It was fun to make people happy, but it wasn´t the best stragety to make money, cause I didn´t make any money. And then something magical happened: The first client bought my board! I was so excited and coulcn´t believe it! What a feeling! Someone is ordering my board and wants to pay money!

No matter what you try, have a goal in mind and do it with passion and fun and never give up! If things don´t work out, change your method not your dream or goals!


After two Years i developed the "PRO" Boards. Which was the first Board i really liked.


My first "real" Workshop. A shred Flat in Schöneberg.

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