“To follow and do what you´re passionate about, is the most important thing you can do with your life. With the COSTABOARD I not only want to make funsport accessable for everybody, I want to motivate that you always should have this one aim on your mind. Never stop believing and always follow your dreams. always.“

(Costa Paltoglou, Founder)


For me, as the founder of COSTABOARD, the access to funsport has been the exit out of my old life. I guess that there are many people out there that simply go to work every day, just working away, in order to earn some money.. “to make a living..“ and with the time that is left, someone can do some good things for him or herself - something that lightens up the spirits again, to then start all over again. Inside of me I heard a small voice asking, that became louder and louder after some time: “Seriously Dude? Do you really want to continue using so much time for something you actually don´t enjoy and wont make you happy on the long run?“, How much should someone pay me for the pressures time I have?“ I am sure many people ask themselves the exact same thing, alongside the question: “But, what am I supposed to do  now?“

I felt exaclty the same way. Years went by, I worked as an IT-Consultant in big german Companies. In my dreams I imagened that I would go surfing and snowboarding again - and that not only once a year, in my working holidays! ..And after 20 Years I wanted to start Skateboarding again!



I developed the COSTABOARD out of pure desperation. I wanted to do something „additionally“ to what I did. I wanted to do something that connects me with all the different sport activities that I wanted to do on a more frequent bases. How much money and time I invested in the COSTABOARD is probably unimagineable, because the product seems so simple. Every day, from 6-9 am before work, I would sit on the train infront of my computer, working on the concept for the COSTABOARD and would continue this from 5pm on, until bed time late at night. This went on for about 2 years - falling asleep with a pen and paper attached to my hand, or with my head rested on top of my computer.

After some time I realized that this doesnt work. How am I supposed to set the project COSTABOARD in motion, meanwhile I am working a full-time job? But what´s the alternative? Without a job I cant pay rent, nor buy food - and for surving and snowboarding I need money, too.

Looks like a rat race and it won´t be easy to escape it at all.

When I was still a little boy, back in the 80´s a Surfer named Guido, opened up a Surfer´s Supply store right next to the house where I grew up. He built his own Surfboards and lived the surfin´ lifestyle better than you would probably imagine it to be. He was a real man-about-town. Guido always smiled, he was a real sunshine and his sunny mood was contagious. He became a very important person in my life and a true rolemodel.

At some point I wrote to Guido and asked him if he was interested to be the first store selling my COSTABOARD. After only 3 days I received a message from his wife, telling me that Guido had tragiaclly passed, after his long fight against his cancer.

Eventhough Guido will never now, he was the one main reason that gave me the stregth to give up on the things that made me unhappy and worked towards my believes and bring the COSTABOARD on the market.





I know how familiar and maybe boring that might sounds, because we read it social media platforms like Facebook and Instragram and actually anywhere, really.. But this is what it is all about in life, if you ask me. We have only this one life and we should take every oppurtunity to fill our lifes up with as much joy and luck as possible. This is probably the best present that you can give to yourself and to the environment that surrounds you.

A happy, satisfied human can create love, pleasure and help and will do only good.

At the very beginning it isn´t easy at all to follow what your dreams and what you´re passionate about, I know that. I can only give you the advise, follow your dreams, eventhough you dont know where this journey will take you. Listen to your inner voice, she knows the right direction. We forget it all the time, but we only have this one life.

If you dont follow your passion now, which life, you reckon you will use instead? Don´t wait for the right moment, there will be never “a right moment“, cause there is never the wrong one. If you want to change you life - do it now! HERE I have collected a couple of sources as an inspiration and some tipps. And if you feel like it, talk to me and I will do my best to answer all your questions about following an unknown path, as good as I can, based on my own experiences.

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