The Costaboard is a Balanceboard but not a normal one - it´s a freestyle Balanceboard. Why Freestyle - because it´s build to have fun doing tricks, tricks that are in your mind, explore yourself and always follow your dreams!

First Steps with the COSTABOARD
In this Videos you will learn why it is importend to watch this video.
Some interresting facts about the COSTABOARD and how to handle it.

How you imrpove your balance riding a green wave along
You can improve your balance for your surfing by just practicing this trick. It´s easy and a lot of fun as well. Okay, the Trick is not easy it´s challenging but this is the way we grow ;)

The Trick "KungFu" is a little bit more challenging because you need a little bit more strength in your core muscles. Itś a nice Trick for improving your coordination between your hand and your food and a good workout for your abs.

The Fingerflip360 is a great trick to get on the COSTABOARD. If you are able to do the Fingerflip360 you can try variate it. eg. Do the Fingerflip 720 or different moves before...

This is a Trick for the Costaboard Balanceboard. The Trick has no name - not yet - and combine the three Tricks Shifty Backside, One-Eighty and the Trick Shove - it. All this three tricks had to made in one flow.

++ COSTABOARD ROADTRIP 2016 ++ We made a Stop in Paris to discover the city and find some nice places for COSTABOARDING. And we found one. Had a great day hope we can transport our emotions to you. Paris is awesome!!

A few Tricks with the COSTABOARD
If you wnat to know how a Shifty oder a Long Ride looks like on a COSTABOARD - watch it ;)  

The Coulor of my pants are orange - it´s not my ass - just saying ;)

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