Wie finde ich mein "Traumleben"?



How does the dreamlife you want to have actually look like? Here a little advise from my side: What is “the dream“? It´s said quickly, but hard to have a concrete imagination to that one. I simply new, that it wasn´t cool the way it was - and I had no idea how or rather what to actually change. I started with writing down how a usual day of mine could  look like if I had a million dollars on my bank account. It was so cool, only writing it all down, was so much fun and I was surprised what I was able to do in one day, if there are no worries about money. Pretty interesting watching how a “favourite everyday routine“ could look like.

I can only recommend to do the same thing. You will be surprised what the outcome will be. Just take 30-60 minutes for yourself and imagine you would have to do nothing in order to have enough money. How does your day look like? When and where would you wake up?

What would you do, once you´re up and about? When, how and where would you have breakfast? Sport?, reading.. anything really. Write it all down. Sure, you might be freaking out and imagine that you would only have pool parties with all of your friends - but be honest, you don´t want to party 24/7 for the next 5 years, don´t you? Take your time and imagine a “normal day“?

When you´re finished with it all, you will have your personal dreamlife written down, black on white for the years to come. Best case scenario would be to read this every day, if you want to change something - do it - This “document lives, just as you do and you have a direction you can navigate towards.

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